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RUSS 4471/5471 Women in 20th-21st Century Russian Culture (Osterman): Find Articles

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Finding Scholarly Articles

Databases contain articles that may be helpful for your research paper. Please revisit the databases we look at in class and take a look at some other databases relevant to Russian Literature below. To look at more suggested databases for Gender Studies, visit the Women & Gender Studies Portal


More Helpful Databases

Helpful Journals

Tips on Choosing Articles

Here are a few tips to consider when quickly evaluating a source:

Source: Where was this published? Is this a reliable and relevant source? Is there a sponsoring body involved, such as a university, research institute, or society? 
Timeliness: When was this written? Is the information still relevant and useful? 
Author: Who wrote it? What is their role and authority on the issue? Are they a specialist on this topic? This is often the best place to go when searching in broader databases to see if this is written from a specific perspective (i.e., historical, sociological, media studies, etc.).
Audience: Who was this written for and does it have a particular point of view? Within publications, you can have both in-depth research articles and opinion pieces, which is this and does that viewpoint, match with what you are looking for?
Citations: These can be a very useful tool in two ways when conducting research. First, if an article has been cited many times, that can help you determine if it is important to the studies in that area. Second, if you find one article that covers your topic well you can use the citations in that article to find additional information. Google Scholar enables quick checks of citation count and links out to the citations themselves.

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Working Off-Campus

Access licensed resources with your:

identikey username and password

Click on a library database or resource, follow the log-in screen instructions.

Or for those databases requiring VPN, follow these instructions to download.



Combine Search Words

  • AND -- link words by using AND to search for all keywords in the same resource
  • OR -- link words by using OR to search for one keyword or another, great way to search for synonyms
  • NOT -- to eliminate results with a certain keyword
  • "Quotations" -- add quotations to a group of two or more words to search for the exact phrase