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Publishing & Author's Rights

Publishing Open Access

Publishing in an open access journal expands the reach of your scholarship and makes you eligible for publishing funds from the Libraries’ Open Access Fund.

Copyright & Fair Use

Copyright exists to protect intellectual property while allowing for new ideas and innovation. This detailed guide explains what copyright is, how it works, and how to use copyright law and the principles of fair use in research and teaching.

Managing Data

Make a consultation appointment to determine how best to manage your data. View the options for storing your data in public repositories, which increases the reproducibility of your research.

Measuring Impact 

A guide to the many tools and methods used to measure and demonstrate the impact of your scholarly research.

Publishing in CU Scholar

Submit your research, scholarship, or creative work to the university’s institutional repository to promote your work by making it openly available and ensure its long-term preservation. Students, faculty, and staff may all submit works to CU Scholar.

Thesis Writing

Check out the Graduate School’s Thesis and Dissertation Specifications for writing and formatting tips.