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Social Studio: Advanced Features

Removing Retweets

You can remove retweets from your Social Studio data by exporting your tweets to a CSV file and then deleting or filtering out the POST_TYPE column:

  1. Export the social media feed by clicking on the downward triangle in the "Feed" box. Click "Export as CSV." Select the number of tweets you want to export and click "Export." 
  2. When your CSV file is ready, you will receive an email with a link to download the data. Open the CSV file.
  3. There is a column titled "POST_TYPE." If a tweet is a retweet, a cell will have "RETWEET" in the POST_TYPE column. Delete these tweets or use data filters to remove the retweets.

Including or Excluding Specific Accounts or Sources

Include or exclude Twitter accounts or sources by creating a Source Group and adding the Source Group to your Topic Profile.

  1. When you edit a Topic Profile or create a new Topic Profile, under the "Keywords & Filters," look for "Source Groups" and click on "Add / Remove Source Groups."
  2. If you do not have a Source Group, click on "+ Create New Source Group" to make a Source Group
  3. After you have a Source Group, click on your Source Group's box to add it to your Topic Profile. Next to your Source Group, click on the blue triangle to indicate if you want to include keyword matched content, include all content, or exclude content.
  4. Click "Save"
  5. Click on "Save Topic Profiles" and apply your Topic Profile

Access Tweets over 30 Days

All Topic Profiles have 30 days of data. To access up to three years of historical data, you can email Social Studio ( with your Topic Profile ID and request historical data. As of April 2018, Social Studio does not allow users to collect data back to 2008.

To find your Topic Profile ID, in Social Studio, click on the person icon in the upper right corner, then “Admin.” On the left, click on “Topic Profiles.” Find the Topic Profile you want to expand to three years, and write down the ID number.

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