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Social Studio: FAQs


I'm an instructor and I would like all of my students to have accounts. Can you please create accounts for my class?

If you would like all students in your class to have a Social Studio account, email your course number and students' names and CU emails to One week notice is ideal, but we can create accounts within two to three business days. Please ask students to look for an email from Salesforce to activate their accounts. Some emails go to the junk inbox.


What is the date coverage?

All Topic Profiles have 30 days of data. To access up to three years of historical data, you can email Social Studio ( with your Topic Profile ID and request historical data. As of April 2018, Social Studio does not allow users to collect data back to 2008.

To find your Topic Profile ID, in Social Studio, click on the person icon in the upper right corner, then “Admin.” On the left, click on “Topic Profiles.” Find the Topic Profile you want to expand to three years, and write down the ID number.


Why is there a time limit?

We have a limited number of concurrent accounts and Topic Profiles. Depending on Social Studio’s usage, we plan on removing accounts and Topic Profiles at the end of each semester unless otherwise requested. You will receive 14 days' notice prior to your account and topic profiles being disabled. If this timeframe does not work with your research needs, please let us know and we can make arrangements to preserve your account for a longer time. You can contact Stacy Gilbert at for more information.


How much data can I export at a time?

According to Social Studio, "A maximum of 500k posts can be exported. As per Twitter's Terms, you can export up to 50k public tweets per day."


Can I link my social media account to publish and get analytics?

Our subscription does not support publishing to or getting analytics from a specific social media account.


Why are Instagram posts not appearing in my search? 

Instagram listening is driven by hashtag due to the way the Instagram API works. Social studio adds on a layer of keyword monitoring in Instagram posts only if the post was picked up first by a hashtag in the topic profile for the dashboard or another topic profile that may have "brought the post into the system." Note: "in the system" also includes posts brought into the Social Studio database by other client topic profiles. The best bet to get results with Instagram is to set up topic profiles to have both relevant hashtags and keywords.

More information can be found here.


How do I deactivate a topic profile?

You deactivate topic profiles by going to “admin” > “Topic Profiles” > click on a topic profile > “Info” > “Deactivate Topic Profile”.


Where can I find tutorials on using Social Studio?

Social Studio provides documentation and tutorials. You can also reach out to Stacy Gilbert, Natalia Tingle, or Halley Todd for basic help.

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