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APRD 4403 Advertising Campaigns (Fisher): Cite

Why Cite?

Writing a presentation or report usually requires information from many sources (for example, market research reports, newspaper articles).

To maintain your professional and academic reputation, you must cite every source. 

In the academic setting, we use formalized styles of attribution. Formatting your citations in a format like APA is just a standardized means of giving credit to the person or company who created the content you use. The content creator may be an author, blogger, photographer, or your professor, for example. Outside of academia, you'll probably cite your work in different ways. For a list of great examples, see Corey Eridon's blog post How to Cite Sources & Not Steal People's Content on the Internet.

How to Cite Mintel

Screen capture of title page of Mintel report about marketing to millennials

  • Boesel, K. (2019, June). Marketing to millennials - US. Retrieved from Mintel database. 

How to Cite IBISWorld

Screencapture of IBISWorld Smartphone App Developers Report 

  • Savaskan, D. (2019, April). Smartphone app developers (IBISWorld Industry Report No. OD5817). Retrieved from IBISWorld database. 

How to Cite Statista

  • Website (TiVo). (April 2016). Distribution of time Millennials spent watching video content in the United States as of December 2013, by type [Chart]. Retrieved from Statista database.

How to Cite Simmons OneView

Screen Shot of Simmons OneView with Fall 2014 NCS Adult Study 06-Month










  • Simmons Research LLC. (Fall 2014). Fall 2014 NCS Adult Study 06-Month [Data File]. Retrieved from Simmons OneView Database.

How to Cite a Company Website

Some style manuals require that a "retrieved" date be included. APA does not, except in cases where the content may change over time. Company website citations should include the date that the cited content was accessed.

Image of Chipotle company website with section titled food with integrity highlighted.

In this case, treat the organization as the author. We can be fairly certain that any content (aside from reviews or blog comments) was written on behalf of the company. We would not consider the author to be "Anonymous," even though no individual author is named.

If the content is not dated, use "n.d." in the place where you would normally put the publication date.


How to Cite a Journal Article










 Learn more:  Citing Articles

Need More Examples?

Tip: If you don't know how to cite something from a database, use a search engine to find a guide. Example search: Cite Mintel in APA style or cite government publication in APA style

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