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APRD 4403 Advertising Campaigns (Kinner): Company & Competitors

Questions to Think About as You Research

Before you begin to research, set expectations for what you think you can find.

  • Is the client a large or small company? More information is available on large, well-known companies. 
  • Is the client an established or new company? Less information is available on small, new companies. Smaller, new companies may need to rely on your client's word, their website, and other internal sources. Newspaper or trade articles are also good sources if articles exist.

Is the competitor another business or is it the target audience's behavior, attitude, or interest?

  • A larger client might have easily-identifiable competitors that are other businesses.
  • A smaller or new client (especially a start up or nonprofit) might have competitors that are more about the audience's behavior and attitudes. Use the resources on the "Consumers" tab to identify these types of competitors. 



Newspaper Articles

For small, new companies, a company profile report may not exist. Use news articles and trade publications to find past and current information.

Don't forget to visit your company and its competitors' website and social media accounts.

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