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APRD 4403 Advertising Campaigns (Kinner): Industry & Market


An industry is made up of a group of companies that have similar business activities [definition summarized from Investopedia].

market is a physical or online location where parties meet to exchange goods. It's where prices are determined by the supply (supply is created by the sellers) and demand (demand is created by the buyers) [definition summarized from Investopedia].

Questions to Think About as You Research

  • Before opening a database, think about what your client's industry or market is called. If the client claims they have created a new market/industry, what are some of the traditional markets/industries it stems from? Use the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes Search to browse industries.
  • Some of these reports are written in the context of large companies. If you have a small business client, as you read the report, think about:
    • What information in the report is relevant to your client and what is not relevant?
    • How can information related to large entities be scaled down to be relevant to your client?
    • How can you conduct primary research to make up for the lack of secondary research?


Specific Industries & Markets

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