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IAFS Honors: Cite

A library guide for students in IAFS Honors

Step 1 - Download and Run Zotero

Step 2 - Capture Citations While You Research

Video Takeaways

  • Sign-in to the VPN and open up Zotero before you start your research
  • Select the correct destination folder before you begin saving citations to Zotero
  • Always check to see if Zotero uploaded the correct item information (title, author, volume, date, etc...)
  • Zotero works on all sorts of websites; not just CU Boulder library websites

Step 3 - Cite Research While you Write

Another Thrilling Video Tutorial Coming Soon!!!

Video Takeaways

  • Download the Zotero app for Word
  • Double-check your Zotero settings (APA, MLA, Bibliography or in-text Citations, etc...)
  • Quickly review your metadata
  • Check your bibliography for errors
  • Be prepared for the formatting to be weird; just try again