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Welcome, Transfer Students!: Community Resources

Specific resources for transfer students

Parking & Transportation

Public Transit

Public transportation in Boulder is provided by the Regional Transportation District (RTD). The bus is the most common way for students, faculty, and staff commuters to get to campus. Take a look at this webpage with information about commuting to CU by bus or explore the RTD's website for information about getting around the Denver Metro area more broadly. Be sure to sign up for rider alerts to stay current!

Parking on Campus

If you are driving to campus, you will need to buy a parking permit or risk receiving a parking citation. Check out this webpage on buying student parking permits from CU Boulder's Parking & Transportation Services office.

Local Community Spaces

Here is a list of some places in and around Boulder that are worth visiting:

Summer 2021: Libraries' Services

We're here to support both research and relaxation - check out our Summer Guide to the Libraries: Student Edition.