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ENVS 1150: Government Information

Who has it?

When searching for Government information ask yourself:

  • Who needs it? Government Information is not sorted by subject, but by who created it. Thinking about who needs the information you want will help you decide who might have it.
  • What information are you looking for? The strategy for finding your information will change depending on what kind of information you need. 
  • Why is it important? Governments does not collect data on everything, but knowing why the information is important can help you think about who might be keeping it.  

Where to look?

Knowing where to look can be difficult and will depend on what information you are looking for.

A good place to find out who has your information is Search for your topic and you will get results from different agencies.


Quick Start: If your not sure where to start or just want to start looking Google is a good place to begin. 

  • To search Google for Government Information type site:gov and you search term. You can also use the search box below.
  • Another good place to begin is This is a search engine managed by the Federal Government to search for Government information

The Web Search just Government websites


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