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LEAD 1000 Becoming a Leader: Identify Keywords

Research guide for LEAD 1000

First Steps

  • Brainstorm Stakeholders.
    • Who are the people impacted by this issue on campus or among our larger community? Consider layers of campus administration and the existing structures on campus (such as student groups or different departments).


  • Brainstorm where information about your campus issue can be found.
    • Could there be meeting minutes from a particular group? Or press releases? Annual reports that address the issue? Or social media posts?

Search Strategy

Choosing Powerful Search Terms Anna's Section

Let's harness our collective brainpower to come up with some big picture and locally relevant terms for your campus issues. Click Add to My Drive to save to your group's shared Drive folder.

Linking Your Concepts

Many library databases have advanced search screens like this:

Advanced Searching with Boolean Operators

Boolean Searching Tips

Boolean Operator Example What it does
AND education AND "social mobility" Narrows your search
OR teens OR adolescents OR "young adults" Broadens your search
NOT "music education" NOT "music teachers" Weeds out unhelpful stuff
"" (Quotation marks) "multiple personality disorder" Searches an exact phrase, those words in that order
* (Asterisk)


(will include possibilities like communication, communicators, communicating, etc)

Includes all possible word ending variations

Consider Mind Mapping Your Campus Issues

Great free tool: 

Example: Quantitative Methods Coggle