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LEAD 1000 Becoming a Leader: Getting Started

Research guide for LEAD 1000

Campus Issue Project

The campus issue project is an opportunity to facilitate a group process while addressing an issue of concern at CU Boulder involving the campus community.  The project will occur over the course of the semester in teams and involves multiple components. Project components include: (1) group development; (2) issue exploration and campus issue proposal; and (3) class presentation and process reflection.


Class guide:

Research Workshop

Our plan for the session:

Working as a class we will...

  1. Talk about narrowing and choosing your group's campus issue
  2. Think about campus issues conceptually, from big picture to very local
  3. Explore articles and information relevant to the issue

Leadership Close to Home

SiriJodha Singh Khalsa. (1983). Encercle [Photograph]. Image used with permission.SiriJodha Singh Khalsa. (1983). Encercle. Image used with permission.

Education Librarian

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Linds Roberts
Now meeting via Zoom or in-person (Mon/Tues/Thurs).

First Year Librarian

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Cynthia Keller

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