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LING 2000 Introduction to Linguistics: Develop a Topic

Quick start guide for Linguistics 2000: Introduction to Linguistics students

Search Strategy

Choosing Powerful Search Terms  Choosing Powerful Search Terms

This Google drive version of the search worksheet is locked, but you can save it to your Google Drive. To do this go to File | Make a Copy and then you can edit and put all your keywords into it.

Linking Your Concepts

Many library databases have advanced search screens like this:

Advanced Searching with Boolean Operators

Boolean Searching Tips

  • AND

Narrows your search
Ex. Halo AND language ideology
  • OR

Broadens your search
Ex. teens OR adolescents OR “young adults”
“communities of practice” OR “community of practice”
  • NOT
Weeds out unhelpful stuff
  • " " Quotation marks

Search an exact phrase
Find the words together in that order
Ex. "multiple personality disorder"
  • * (asterisk)

Can open search to all possible endings of a word
Ex. communic* for communicators, communicating, communication, etx.