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Access Resources Off Campus

Access Resources Off Campus


Exceptions & Solutions for Off-Campus Access

Most library resources are accessible seamlessly through the VPN when you are off campus. An exception to this is the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) journals.  For tips on accessing ACS from Google, bookmarks, or other access points, follow the directions below.


If you attempt to access ACS publications through Google, a bookmark, or a shared URL, you may not be recognized as a member of the University of Colorado. If this occurs, follow these instructions for installing a browser extension. And, with the click of a button, the extension will send you to an authentication page. 

Google Chrome EZProxy Extension

Add to Chrome

2. Select: Add to Chrome  

Use the extension

3. Locate: the EZProxy Icon

Right Click & choose options.

4. Right-Click: Choose options

Enter in proxy domain

5. Enter: in proxy domain

Choose the icon when off campus

You're Set!

Firefox EZProxy Extension

Add to Firefox & Install

2. Add & Install: Download to install

Firefox tools menu

3. Go to: Tools menu and choose add-ons

4. Go to: Extensions & choose preferences

5. Add: to the url field 

Firefox browser plug-in

You're Set!