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LING 2400 Language and Gender (Holman): Evaluate

Checklist for Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Article

May also be known as Scholarly article, Peer reviewed article, or Refereed article, or Journal article

  •  What’s the title of the publication? __________________________________________________
    (Hint: different from the article title. Often Journal, Review, or Quarterly will be part of the journal title)
  •  Are the Authors experts (PhDs, MDs, etc)? ___________________
  •  Does the article follow a format like this?
    • Abstract / Summary
      Introduction or Literature Review
      Methods: Did they conduct an experiment? What did they do?
  •  Is there a References section or footnotes/endnotes?
  •  Uh oh: does the article heading say “Perspectives,” “Opinion,” “Editorial,” or indicate anything other than a research article?
  •  How long is the article? (Hint: Usually between 5-30 pages)
  •  Are there charts, graphs, and tables of numbers?
  •  Was the article reviewed by other scholars/experts to see if the research is of high quality? (Hint: Do a Google search. Look for categories like, “Instructions for Authors” or “About the Journal” on publisher’s webpage, which often mention "peer review" or "refereed" articles)
  • What type of study is this? Case study, research experiment, review article, etc?

If you answer "yes" to most of these questions, chances are good that you've found a scholarly article! Still not sure? Ask a CU Librarian!

Sample sources