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International Affairs: Government Publications

Guide to research and resources in International Affairs

Why Government Publications?

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Government publications provide you with access to a vast and rich collection of primary resources. They also help you identify and track policy over time, while locating official data and statistics.

We Recommend

One of the best starting points for locating government information on your topic is to do a Google site search.

  • Pick a search term, like environmental statistics
  • Limit the search to a web domain, like .gov or
  • Use the phrase site: 
  • Example: environmental statistics

Look up a country URL code here

Here is an image of what the search looks like in Google

Tips & Tools for Searching Gov Info

Information is arranged by government entity or agency. The agency is the best place to start.

  • Identify the agency by conducting a site search in Google or using one of the tools below
  • Scan the results to identify relevant agencies. 
  • Go to the agency homepage to browse or search


  • Site Search - to site search in Google type and your search term. For example, environmental statistics
  • Custom Google Search for IGO's or NGO's