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Elementary Teacher Education: Research Process

Bilingual Education Favorites

Linking Your Bilingual Education Concepts

Many library databases have advanced search screens like this:

Advanced Searching with Boolean Operators

Boolean Searching Tips

Boolean Operator Example What it does
AND bilingual education AND language policy Narrows your search
OR teens OR adolescents OR "young adults" Broadens your search
NOT "heritage language immersion" NOT "dual language immersion" Weeds out unhelpful stuff
"" (Quotation marks) "second language acquisition" Searches an exact phrase, those words in that order
* (Asterisk)


(will include possibilities like communication, communicators, communicating, etc)

Includes all possible word ending variations


Working with your Keywords

Keywords: The topic of research will generate keywords and related terms.

Research Question Example: What is the impact of classroom assessment methods that overlook fairness in emerging bilingual students' learning process?

  • linguistically diverse populations AND classroom assessment
  • emergent bilingual learners OR bilingual students AND school accountability
  • emerging bilingual students AND assessment AND language proficiency
  • testing OR assessment AND English language learner AND reliability OR validity OR fairness
  • emergent bilinguals AND informed instruction AND student achievement
  • language proficiency AND assessment AND fairness
  • language policy AND instruction OR curriculum AND English language learner
  • oral language AND literacy development AND assessment

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