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IAFS 4500 Recent US Diplomatic History: Guide to Library Sources & Services

This guide is for Prof. Zeiler's IAFS 4500 Senior Seminar: Recent US Diplomacy History


Google Site Search

Maximize your Google search by limiting results to specific sites by using site: before or after your search terms. You can limit by large domains (.gov), small domains (, foreign governments(.ru), and even filetypes (filetype:pdf)

This search is looking for iran nuclear policy information in the U.S. Department of State website


This search is looking for information about Alexei Navalny in the official Russian government web domain


This search is looking for a PDF report from the FBI on right wing extremism

Managing Your Citations

Zotero quick steps

  • Download the software + browser extensions + Word or Google Doc extensions
  • Turn on the VPN
  • Create a Collection/Folder in Zotero for your project
  • Do your research and save items as you go (look for the icon in your browser)
    !!! Confirm that the metadata is correct
  • Select the type of citation style that you will be using (Chicago)
  • Insert citations and create a bibliography at the end of your project
  • Review!

Our new library catalog is here!

Full details on our library services platform migration project & timeline.

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