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EDUC 8250: Qualitative Methods (Dyrness): Cite

Class guide to contextual data sources for EDUC 8250

Citing Maps or Reports from Social Explorer

Cite a Social Explorer Report in APA:

Data Table Name (Survey Year, Survey Name). In Retrieved <Date> from <Table URL>


SE:T8. Age (Census 2010). In Retrieved July 25, 2018, from

Cite a Social Explorer Map in APA:

Title of Social Explorer Map [Map]. In (Survey Year, Survey Name) Retrieved <Date> from <Map URL>


Population Density (Per Sq. Mile) [Map]. In ACS 2016 (5-Year Estimates) Retrieved July 25, 2018, from

From "How do I cite information on Social Explorer?" Information on other citation styles available on their website

Citing Other Types of Data