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FYSM 1000 (801): The Biology of Sex and Gender: Citing

Why Do We Cite?

When writing, you'll support your own ideas by referring to the works of other authors. Citing these authors fulfills certain purposes:

  • Provides credit to other authors for their own ideas and research (This protects you from plagiarism!).
  • Shows readers of your paper the work that you've done in your own research.
  • Lends authority and credibility to your writing.
  • Allows readers of your paper to find your sources and learn more.

Parts of a Citation

Although different styles are used in citing sources, they all provide enough information for someone to find the source being referenced.  The parts of a journal article citation in APA format are shown below.

Tools to Help


ZoteroBib is the quick, web-based version of Zotero.  Enter a URL, select your style, and get a citation that you can copy and paste into your references.



The full version of Zotero allows you to organize and annotate PDF and integrates with Microsoft Word and Google Docs to produce in-text citations and bibliographies. 

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