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Artists' Books and the Book Arts Genre

This guide provides resources about artists' books and the Book Arts Collection in the Collections of Distinction in Norlin Library.

The Book Arts Collection in Norlin Library's Special Collections

Norlin Library's Special Collections has a collection of more than one thousand artists' books that date from the middle of the twentieth century to the current date. The librarians regularly present works from the collection to classes by request of several CU Boulder faculty. The presentation allows time for the students to engage with the works and to study them for their own class projects which often include creating their own works of book art.

The librarians focus on developing a collection that includes well-known artists and artists who are new in the genre in order to build a collection that has a broad range of structures and themes and topics. The collection houses works by CU Boulder students from courses in writing, environmental design, art, and literature. Researchers and enthusiasts can also view the works of local book artists' and book artists with a wider recognition.

The Book Arts Collection in Special Collections at CU Boulder houses the Lucy R. Lippard Collection of artists' books from the mid twentieth-century.

To search for titles in the Book Arts Collection, use the online Chinook catalog. Run a keyword search on "book arts" and use the "modify search" button to limit the results to "location". Use the drop-down menu or type in "Special Collections".


Collaborations with CU Boulder classes

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Artists' Books in Norlin Library's Special Collections

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