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ENGL 1260 Introduction to Women's Literature (Cassity): Annotate and Cite

Annotating Your Anthology Entry

There may be words, phrases, or references in your sample text that need explanation. This is where footnotes come in. What if you don't know the definition of a word, phrase, or you don't quite understand a particular passage? That's a good sign that you'll need to include an annotation/footnote, and that you'll need some help to do so.

Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference sources are great for finding precise information about words, places, things, people, and more. If you have trouble locating a specific definition in these library resources, please consult a librarian. Relying on Wikipedia won't work for this assignment.

Don't forget to format your citations!

Quick tip: Did you find a resource using the library's OneSearch? You can easily format citations for resources there by clicking on the quotation mark icon next to the entry for the book, article, etc. You'll then select the citation format that's right for your assignment (here, you'll use MLA), and copy/paste into your document. If you have more questions about managing your research and citations, please ask a librarian! We're here to help.

Screenshot of OneSearch's cite function.


Screenshot of the OneSearch MLA citation option.