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ENGL 1260 Introduction to Women's Literature (Cassity): Course Information

Course Description

This class introduces you to women’s literary history, exploring how and why women have fought to have unique attention paid to their artistic voices. It's also about the process and politics of recovery--how we find and restore the voices we've lost or haven't paid enough attention to in the past. We’ll read essays, short stories, poems, and novels from women over the last few hundred years to inform discussions of why we should study women’s words, how we can seek them out when political and social forms of oppression have made them hard to find, and how, throughout history, women have encouraged or discouraged each other to embrace their imaginations and identities as writers. As part of this class, you will participate in recovery work of your own, creating an anthology-style entry for a lesser-known woman writer as your final project.

Assignment Details: Recovering Women Writers

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to synthesize the knowledge we’ve gained in this course about recovery projects and women writers and to participate in recovery work yourself. You will gain experience in using our library’s research offerings, will gain first-hand familiarity with some of the real-world challenges in recovery work, and will produce a tangible product of recovery work.

Assignment: For your final project, you will take on the role of an editor, imagining yourself as finding, annotating, and providing context for a work by a woman writer for a public audience. To do this, you will create an anthology-style entry for a woman writer that you haven’t heard of before.

For full assignment details and rubrics, please see our course Canvas page.

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