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FREN 1900: Paris, Real and Imagined: The City of Light in Literature, Painting, Photography and Film (Kilbane): Sources

Course: Paris, real and imagined: The city of light in literature, painting, photography and film

Recommended Background Sources

OneSearch: Simple and Advance Search

OneSearch is a search platform whose Simple and Advance search features may help you with your search.


  • Use the filters to manage your search by full-text, content type (journal), publication date, language, and more.
  • You can refine your search based on the needs of your assignment. For example, if you project requires scholarly articles, you could select the filter "peer reviewed" or "journal article". Similarly, if your assignment requires you to find books, you would like to select the filter "book-ebook."


When you download a title, you should be able to find your search terms in the abstract, keywords, or title, and hopefully within the content.

Search Exercise

Do a simple search with the following terms: What do you see in the result page?

  • “city of light” AND fashion
  • Paris OR “city of light”
  • Paris AND “street art”
  • Parisian modernization

OneSearch Icons

Another useful feature in OneSearch are the icons.

  • Permalink
  • Cite this item                                               
  • Mail this item
  • Save this item
  • Zotero

With these icons you could save the permalink (unchanged URL), send an e-mail with the bibliographic information so you can find the title later, save the title to a research management software, and find the citation you need. 

Icons available in OneSearch




Try some searches in ProQuest Databases, JSTOR or your database of choise:

  • Paris AND fashion
  • “City of light” AND museums
  • Paris AND “Les Halles”
  • Paris AND Montmartre
  • Paris AND “modern life”
  • Paris AND “tourism”

Google Scholar

You can use Google Scholar to find articles and books that you can download or read online. Try the following search and look at the response page:

  • “Le Marais” tourism
  • “Latin Quarter” Paris
  • Bohemian neighborhood Paris

If you look under each title in the response page, you will two link that are helpful: "cited by" and "related articles." The link "cited by" gives you an idea of how many people have cited a title. The link "related articles" may contain other related articles relevant to your search.



Other Sources