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ITAL 3040 Italian Cinema: (Ardizzoni): Film Clips


Kanopy is a video streaming database that offers a feature to create video clips and playlists.

Try a search

  • divorzio all'italiana vs divorce Italian style

What happens when you use the terms in Italian and then in English?

After you choose the film

  • Click on Create Clip/Playlist
  • Create New Playlist ( enter name of your playlist)
  • Your new playlist should appear in your list for existing playlists
  • Clip Edit Playlist
  • Clip Edit (You can enter the clip title and a description)
  • Start film and click on Capture for the Start Time of you clip
  • Click on Capture to signal the Stop Time of your clip
  • Save Clip
  • Repeat steps if you want to create another clip

Image of a film rilm

Creating Clips