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ITAL 3040 Italian Cinema: (Ardizzoni): Sources

Research in Italian Films

When doing research one of the initial steps is collecting terms that are related to your topic. Consider the terms below.

Graphic with terms related to Italian cinema




What happens when you try the searches below? Note the use of the Italian and English language when trying searches

cartoon detective with magnifying glass

  • Italian Fascism AND “motion pictures” 
  • Fascismo italiano AND film
  • problemi socio-economici AND cinema italiano
  • mafia AND Italian film
  • mafia AND "cinema italiano"

Database - MasterFILE Premier

Searching in databases uses a similar logic than the one we used in the library's catalog OneSearch. Note the added information in the searches below:

  • La vita e bella AND review AND benigni
  • Il postino AND review AND Radford
  • I cento passi AND review AND Giordana

Why do you think these searches contain the name of the directors?

Film Reviews and Film Scholarship

Book and E-Books