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ATLS 4000/4010: Research Methods and Professional Practice Capstone: Art and Creative Research

Art and Creative Browsing and Research

Components of artwork may be inspirational to your design work.  Search for or browse through art books and magazines for precedent on the artistic or creative aspects of your design work. While well known artists will often be the main subject of a book, more obscure or recent artists may be included in a group show catalog or a book discussing many artists - search for art styles and movements.

Start Searching:

Browsing CU Boulder Collections

Art & Architecture Collection:

Norlin Library contains an extensive Art & Architecture Collection, of both books and magazines.  Visit to browse titles, flipping through books and magazines is a great way to get new inspiration.

                Art & Architecture Collection in Norlin Library                             special collections book

Rare and Distinctive Collections:

You may also want to browse materials from our Rare and Distinctive Collections, including Rare Books (check out especially the Artist Book collection and Photography collection) and Archives.  Because these materials are rare and distinctive, you'll need to set up a time to browse them in the reading room, contact to get help.


Virtual Browsing:

You can virtually browse art & design journals and magazines.

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