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HUMN 4030: The Art of Travel (Bernardini): Assignment Details

Discussion Lead Assignment

This guide is intended for undergraduate students in the 2020 Fall section of Giulia Bernardini's HUMN 4030: The Art of Travel. Other students and researchers may find the resources listed on these pages useful.

Course information from your syllabus:

What does it mean to travel? Who does it? Where to? And why?

In this course, we will study a variety of reasons for which humans travel: for exploration, pilgrimage, in search of the exotic or out of escapism, and for migration or exile - whether forced or voluntary. Our goal is to become more conscious of the way we move through the world and of our reasons for doing so. To this end, we will look at a wide variety of media including literature, visual art, film, and television that grapples with or represents aspects of travel.

Assignment description:

Discussion Lead: 15-minute oral presentation delivered to your classmates, accompanied by a handout containing related discussion questions and an annotated bibliography of at least 4-6 sources. Subjects will be chosen from the asterisked titles on the class schedule. You must come see me at least one week before delivering your presentation.

Begin researching your topic by consulting Wikipedia and the online encyclopedias brought to your attention during the library tutorial.Then, do the reading or viewing assigned to the class on the day of your presentation and discussion lead. Finally, in addition to Wikipedia, online encyclopedias, and the class reading, your group must have used a minimum of six sources, at least four of which must be texts (books) and articles (scholarly journals and encyclopedias) and only two of which can be mainstream media content (CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, BBC, etc.), blogs or websites. 

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