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HONR 1125 Heroines and the Heroic Tradition (Miller)

Guide for finding historical fairy tales at CU and beyond.

About this Guide

This library guide for HONR 1125: Heroines and the Heroic Tradition focuses on the fairy tale unit and will help you locate both physical and digital copies of fairy tales, based around tale types assigned in class. Click on the "Finding Materials" tab if you would like to find additional editions of historical fairy tales that you did not see in your library visit. To view a list of the physical books your group examined from Special Collections (and a digital copy, if one exists), click on the tab with your listed fairy tale type. 

About CU's Fairy Tale Collections

The University of Colorado Boulder Libraries' Special Collections and Archives holds a strong collection of historical children's books and fairy tales. Much of this is tied to CU's history, as many CU professors have studied and published on the topic of children's literature and fairy tales. In turn, these professors collected many relevant books and donated them to the library or worked with librarians to acquire these books for the library. Today, we continue to build this collection through donations and new acquisitions to support research and instruction on campus and beyond.

Rare and Distinctive Collections


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