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FREN 4120: Changing the World (Murphy): Home


 Welcome to the research session for your course FREN 4120 Changing the World. My name is Kathia Ibacache and I am the Romance Languages Librarian and your point of contact for any help you might need in your research process. You will have to complete a research project for the end of the semester; therefore, this guide will provide information about research methodologies, resources available through databases and other materials at CU-Boulder, as well as open access (OA) resources available on the Internet.  My goal is to help you gain familiarity with sites and resources available to you to complete your research project for this class.

Requirements for your Final Project

  • Engage with three works we explored during the second half of the semester.
  • Engage with three new works that are relevant to your project.
  • Use the library to do this research and find at least three scholarly and/or culturally significant works (film, articles, books, but no encyclopedia) which will help you acquire a better understanding of your subject and provide authoritative documentation to support your project.
  • 8-10 pages with strong textual component
  • Format: website, video, etc.
  • You will be graded on your mastery of the course material, the clarity and originality of your argument, the value and appropriateness of the new materials, and the quality of the delivery (spelling, grammar, style, etc.).

Checkpoints to Have in Mind

  • What is your objective with this project?
    • Identify the issue/topic you’re working on
    • What’s interesting about your perspective on this issue/topic
    • Do you have, at this time, an argument or point you want to make?
  • What’s the medium of your contribution?
  • Where do you see timefulness, imagination, and research play an important part in your project? Explain why or how.
  • Which works studied in class do you plan to use in your project?
  • What did you find in your preliminary research that could help you get a better grasp of your issue/topic?

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