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ENGL 3523 The Early English Renaissance (Mitchell): Course Information

This guide was developed to help you quickly locate online resources to complete your final essay for ENGL 3523, Spring 2020.

Course Description

From your syllabus: 

The term “Renaissance” means “rebirth.” But rebirth of what? In this class, we’ll look at the new ways in which English writers began to explore familiar questions about the role of the author, the nature of desire, the limits of power, and the relation of individuals to structures of community, nation and faith. How might emergent forms like the public stage play, psalm translation, or Ovidian epyllion allow writers to work through these questions, while simultaneously reinventing what literature is and does?

Assignment Details

Final Project: “The Commonplace” Public Humanities Essay

Due Date: Monday May 4 at midnight 

For this final project, worth 20% of your grade, you will write a c. 1,600-2,000 word public humanities essay to be posted on our class “Commonplace” website. The essay will put one or more of the Renaissance texts we’ve studied in class in conversation with a contemporary issue or trend. It will also cite one scholarly article or chapter at least once in the body of the essay. It should be written in a style that is appropriate to a “general” audience. This means it should aim to be engaging and provocative without overly relying on technical language.

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