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CHEN 4520 and 4530 Chemical Engineering Design: Home


This guide has many resources to help you perform your literature research for CHEN 4520 and CHEN 4530. Use it to start your research, but explore beyond this guide as well. 

Finding Background Information

If you're beginning research in a new area or looking for background on underlying principles, you may wish to use books and other resources like the following:

Professional News and Societies

Many CU Boulder engineering students are involved with chapters of professional engineering societies.  Did you know these professional societies are a great source of information, in addition to offering networking and career resources?  Often professional societies publish magazines, blogs, or newsletters with news, trends, and developments relevant to professionals working in the field.  Here are some suggestions of professional news sources:

This list is not exhaustive so I encourage you to browse the websites of other professional societies, or check to see what information sources your membership provides access to.  


Searching in a databases that includes professional magazines can give you news from multiple sources at one time:


There are many other sources of news relevant to chemical and biological engineering, and science and technology more broadly, so seek out more sources!  Also consider following researchers and professionals on Twitter and LinkedIn to learn about news and trends.

Engineering Case Studies

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