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ATLAS: Creative Technology and Design: Original Research Articles

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Find Original Research

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Engineering research findings and new technological developments are presented in scholarly journal articles, and at engineering conferences.  You can find many articles by searching OneSearch and the databases below. Technical reports and dissertations and theses are also good sources for new engineering research and developments.

Find Articles and Conference Proceedings

You can find articles and conference proceedings in databases listed below and by searching OneSearch.




Human and Social Context

Technical Reports

You can find many technical reports by searching OneSearch as well as by searching these databases listed below.

Dissertations and Theses

A dissertation or thesis is written as a requirement for the Doctor of Philosophy degree, and presents the research a Ph.D candidate did as part of their work to obtain their degree.

Measuring Journal Impact

There are a number of impact rankings given to journals to attempt to measure how impactful, or great the reach of a journal is.  Higher impact journals are generally able to publish the most rigorous, quality research articles, so looking at journal rankings might help you determine what journals to follow, search for sources for your research, and publish in.

Journal rankings are also problematic, and several different formulas to attempt to measure impact have been developed.  The different formulas each put different emphasis on different things.  Three of the measures for ranking journals are:

Find Highly Ranked Journals

Follow these steps to find ranked lists of journals:

Journal Impact Factor and Eigenfactor:

  1. Visit InCites Journal Citation Reports.
  2. Click on "Browse by Journal."
  3. Expand "Select Categories" and scroll through the list until you arrive at categories relevant to your work.  You can choose one or several categories.
  4. Once you've made your selection(s) scroll down to the bottom and hit "submit."
  5. You'll get a chart that generally defaults to ranking the journals by Journal Impact Factor, highest to lowest.  You can click on Journal Impact Factor and Eigenfactor to change how the chart is ranked.


SCImago Journal and Country Reports:

  1. Visit BrowZine's list of Engineering and Technology Journals, set to sort by SCImago Journal Rank (SJR).
  2. There are a number of subcategories under Engineering and Technology you can select. You can also choose "change subject" to browse journals from other disciplines. 

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Interlibrary Loan

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When we do not have a source, you may use our Interlibrary Loan services to request it! Place your request using ILLiadand we do our best to get the source for you from another library. Interlibrary Loan is free for registered faculty, staff, and students and other authorized users at the Boulder Campus.

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