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ARSC 1492 (Ramirez): Randall

Erika Randall

Joe Jupille

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Introduction: We are pleased to be have the chance to introduce our guest speaker, Prof. Erika Randall. She is the Associate Professor and Director of the Dance Department at CU Boulder. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Dance from The University of Washington along with a  Master's degree in Fine Art in Choreography from Ohio State University. Prof. Randall's choreography has been seen in four countries and in 12 states over the last eight years.  Professor Randall’s research is based on her experience with dance and her interest in film. Her research involves changing the roles for women on the stage, and on the streets through her focus on choreography, directing, screenwriting and her own performances.  Prof. Randall has co-written, directed, casted, and choreographed her own feature film titled “Leading Ladies,” which has been screened at over 65 national and international film festivals since 2010.

Challenge & Exploration

By collecting “found objects” and utilizing the postmodern visual arts and dance practices of pastiche, assemblage, and juxtaposition, you will create a “dream-like miniature tableaux” that will inspire you, the maker, to “see each component in a new light.” Through this new looking, the goal is to not only transform each individual element through intertextual relativity, but to reveal your meta-question through a complex semiotic display

Question:  How can we use a meaning-making practice, like crafting a shadow box, to answer a question or a research interest that, perhaps, you didn’t even know you had? 

Charge: Your charge is to create your own shadow box. To begin, you will need one “seed” that sparks and focuses your looking. Choose something you know about but want to dig deeper into, it can be as open ended as “Divorce in Modern China,” or “Jazz music and its impact on Hip-hop.” The best thesis ideas typically triangulate, creating an inherent frictive juxtaposition—If jazz and hip-hop interest you, triangulate these forms—was your father a jazz trumpeter, are you a classicist who doesn’t understand the forms, do you want to write a musical piece that integrates these styles and do you want to understand a link between beat poetry and rap

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