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ARSC 1492 (Ramirez): Disciplines

Exploring Disciplines

 A branch of learning or knowledge; a field of study or expertise; a subject. Now also: a subcategory or element of a particular subject or field. 
"discipline, n.". OED Online. June 2015. Oxford University Press.  

Academic disciplines may differ in terms of:

  • how one approaches subject matter
  • how one engages with subject matter
  • how one constructs inquiry 
  • how one engages in investigation and research
  • how one shares or circulates new knowledge


  • What does the field study?

  • Where is the department or school located at CU?

  • What areas do the CU faculty study (2-3)?

  • What topics do you notice or find of interest on the department’s social media feeds?

  • Browse the recent issue or highly cited articles from a core disciplinary journal.

    • What article title or topic interests you?

    • What surprised you about the article topics?

  • Explore the core disciplinary organization. Name one initiative or interesting focus of the organization.

  • Who is the librarian for this discipline?

Disciplines Explored

Group One: Film Studies
Members: Juliana Cave Pasquali, Bailee Mulholland, and Ashly Villa-Ortega
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Group Two: Political Science
Members: Paloma Barraza, Jessica Martinez, and Jessica Salas
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Group Three: Theatre & Dance
Members: Brianna Farrell and Deanna Payne
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Group Four: Economics
Members: Esmeralda Castillo-Cobian, Jubilee Michael, and Jessica Suh
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Group Five: Anthropology
Members: Maria Davila and Maykala Noyd
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Group Six: History
Members: Carlos Gomez and Kiersten Price
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Group Seven: Women & Gender Studies
Members: Yohely Chaparro, Deisy Munoz Viesca, and Biruktawit Zelalem
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