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Anth 1150: Regional Cultures of Africa (Deluca): Getting Started

Basic Steps for Research

Here are some basic steps for doing research. Also see the Library’s Guide to Research Strategies or contact your librarian for help.

1. Identify your topic

  • Search online to get background information
  • Wikipedia and Google searches are fine for this

2. Make a list of search terms based on your background information

  • What terms do you see being used for your topic?
  • Do experts or scientists use different terms?

3. Do an initial search

  • Start on OneSearch, the search bar on the library main website
  • Try different search terms
  • Use the filters on the left side of the screen to narrow results

4. Consider searching in a database

  • Databases generally have articles from a subject area
  • Some are very general and have a wide scope
  • Use databases to get more precise results

5. If you need help, contact your librarian

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