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WRTG 3020: After the Holocaust (Rachel): Course Information

This guide assists those in WRTG 3020: After the Holocaust in critically evaluating information and finding resources for their assignments.

Course Description

The goal of this class is to improve both your writing and your ability to speak well in public to specific audiences.  We will explore narrative as a way to educate others about complex moral and ethical concepts and cases.   Due to the extensive reading, you will also learn a great deal about how different styles of narrative can educate the public about the complexity of how we define and respond to genocide.  All your papers will relate to the text and the articles. I have selected a diverse group of writers with very different backgrounds so we can explore a variety of voices and styles.

Image credit: Flickr user Wolfgang Vullhorst using an Attribution license with some minor changes to the image.

Assignment Details

Library Class

The library instruction session, taught by Megan Welsh, Jewish Studies and Religious Studies Librarian, will help you to find scholarly and supplementary resources to be used for your assignment. The goal of this session is for you to be more comfortable finding and using the Libraries' resources and asking for help.

Ask Megan!

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Megan Welsh

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