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Spring Break for Research: Home

Why you should Research your Mentor

To help you prepare for your Spring Break for Research experience, you may want to research the mentor / lab group you will be working with.  Finding papers published by your mentor and the group they work with will help you understand:

  • Understand what they have already discovered
  • Learn what research methods they have used
  • Know what questions they want to address about their research topic
  • Impress your research mentor!

We've gathered a few tips and places for you to go to research your mentor.  If you'd like to talk to a librarian about doing library research, we are here to help, please get in touch!

Research your Mentor

  • Find out what lab group your mentor is in, so you can research your mentor and their mentor.
  • Next, search the name(s) of your mentor in OneSearch.  Format your search like this to have better luck finding articles written by your mentor: last name, first name.  
  • Find your mentor's CU Experts profile page.  
    • Browse the selected publications on their profile
    • View their Curriculum Vitae (CV), which will list all their publications.  Then, search the title of those publications in OneSearch
  • Other places to search for work by your mentor include:

Research your Topic

If you'd like to get an overview of all the research done on the topic you will be researching during Spring Break for Research, a literature review article will help you get a good overview.  Literature reviews are articles that:

  • review all (or a specific chunk of) the original research done on a topic,
  • bring together many original research articles
  • and describe the trends and conclusions that can be drawn across those articles.

To find a literature review, when searching in OneSearch for your topic, look for, or search with, terms like "review," "literature review," and / or "review of the literature," as well as your topic search terms.

Engineering Research Guides

Learn more about research in the engineering disciplines on these guides:

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