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SPAN 3120 Advanced Spanish Grammar (Brown, Becher, and Raymond): Course Info

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Welcome to the library's guide for your course, Spanish 3120. I'm your Subject Librarian, and I developed this guide with your instructors to support your work during this course. To use this guide, I recommend moving through the tabs at the top of the guide from left to right. You can feel free to jump around and revisit each page, but be sure to work through each step of the research process. 

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Course Description

In this course, we investigate the meanings and uses of grammatical categories and constructions in Spanish, in some cases explicitly drawing contrasts with English.  We have four interrelated goals.  First, the course will help students of Spanish understand which grammatical structures are obligatory (e.g., gender marking on nouns), and which ones are variable (e.g., use of subject pronouns).  Second, native speakers and second language learners will learn to distinguish prescriptive and descriptive grammar, or so-called “correct” and actual usage.  A third goal is to help teachers of Spanish be able to describe and explain Spanish grammar.  Finally, the course will provide some introduction to linguistic analysis.  

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