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This guide is intended to compile reusable content for guide creators. In most instances, you will map to the original content. However, if you wish to reuse content with minor edits, you will make a copy of the original content.



This is the default. Mapped items are connected to the original, and changes made to the original will affect the mapped versions. This is recommended for books, links, widgets etc. 

  • Keep in mind that when using mapped content, you may be able to customize some aspects. For example, when using a mapped link, you can add a custom description that will only display on your guide not the original. 
  • Use for: links, books, databases


Copied items are not connected to the original.

  • This is a useful strategy when you notice another guide element that would be useful to you but must be customized for your specific needs.For example, the IWG has created a related guides content item. The box layout and naming is already created but you will need to select the related guides. 
  • Use for: guides, boxes

reusable content


After selecting the content type you wish to add, look for the reuse tab. (This is an example of a book asset)

Reuse an ExistingLink


Choose to copy or leave at the default (will map to the original) and save. 


With many reused content types you may choose to edit and adjust descriptions etc. Choose edit to view customizable fields. 

Reuse content

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Make a copy

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