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Writing an Honor's Thesis in Japanese Studies: Finding Sources

Sources come in many Formats

What do you need to do a good research? You'll need a rich variety of sources including:

  • Books, Scholarly Articles, possibly News Articles.
  • Other formats can easily come into play as well: art, videos, comic books, etc
  •  You may need to work in Japanese to some extent. But for right now we will focus on English Language resources.

Right now what's most important is getting a sense of what is out there and available. You will need to do a variety of searches in the Library Search Engine, WorldCat, select databases like Search Premier, JSTOR, etc. Later, we will cover how to gain access to materials not at CU.

I'm trying to find...


Use the CU-Boulder Libraries OneSearch to find relevant books. They can be general (great for the beginning of your reserach) or very specific (better for when you are grounded in your topic. Notice the how general to specific the following three books become:


When you need to understand the public's reaction to events, newspapers are an acceptable source for your research. If your thesis focuses on a specific time period, you may also want to consult newspapers to see how they interpret events of that time. Newspaper specific databases include:

Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles are shorter, specialized research on a narrow topic. They will be tangential to your topic. You must connect others' similar research to support your thesis. They are found in a variety of databases, which ones you use depends on your subject matter, but here are some starting points:

Government Documents

If you are doing social science research, governments often have detailed statistics on their countries health, economics, etc. The Japanese government has made significant efforts to provide much of their statistical data in English: