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Writing an Honor's Thesis in Japanese Studies: Home


Congratulations on deciding to write on honor's thesis! Writing a thesis gives you the opportunity to explore a topic in depth and create new knowledge. For students wanting to write in the field of Japanese Studies, there's an enormous array of topics to research. Many students tend to show an interest in anime & manga, or particular era's of Japanese history. Any discipline can be framed in the context of Japan: economics, family structure, naval development.

This guide will help you with the entire process of writing your thesis, from choosing a topic, finding sources for your research, to preparing your bibliography.

What's covered?

1. Topic: How to choose a topic that your are passionate about.
2. Thesis Statement: How to craft a thesis statement that will guide your research.
3. Background Research:  Why it matters.
4. Sources and Services: How find what you need to do your research.
5. Citing and Citation Managers: How to properly give credit, for both English and Japanese sources.

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