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Introduction for Engineering Students: Library Information Resources

Library Resource Activity

The CU Boulder Libraries provide access to a large variety of kinds of information. Most information from the CU Libraries can be found by searching OneSearch:


You can also find engineering information in subject specific databases.  We've put examples of different kinds of engineering information below including:

  • Scholarly Journal Article
  • Popular Magazine Article
  • Book
  • Standard
  • Technical Report
  • Trade Journal

We've also listed the databases you can use to find more information like it, so you can explore engineering search tools.   

Scholarly Journal Article

Scholarly journal articles are written by experts about the research they have done.

Hickman, Joseph W., Alan Wilhite, Douglas Stanley, and David R. Komar. 2010. Optimization of the mars ascent vehicle for human space exploration. Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets 47 (2): 361-70.

Find this article and other scholarly journal articles in:

Popular Magazine Article

Magazines like Popular Mechanics are written about engineering and science topics for a wide audience.  

Ferdowsi, Bobak. "A Humongous Rocket That Just Might Work." Popular Mechanics (September 2017): 12-14.

Find this article and other popular magazine articles in:


CU Boulder Libraries have books and ebooks about engineering topics.  Books and ebooks can be searched for in OneSearch, but we also have databases with science, engineering, and technical ebooks.  

Torra, Vicenç. Data Privacy. vol. 28., Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2017.

Find this book and others in:


Standards are published documents from professional engineering issuing bodies that establish specifications and procedure designs to ensure the reliability and safety of products, materials, structures and/or services people use on a daily basis. 

IEEE Standard 1873, 2015, "Standard for Robot Map Data Representation for Navigation," IEEE Standards Association, New York, NY, 2015, DOI: 10.1109/IEEESTD.2015.7300355.

Find this standards and others in:

Technical Report

Technical reports present information gained during the process of technical or experimental work. They present facts and conclusions about designs, experiments, and other projects. 

Kooistra,S., and Walther, J., 2013, "Environment Sentinel Biomonitor Technology Assessment," Technical Report No. ECBC-TR-1074, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center , Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

This technical report and others can be found:

Trade Journal

Trade Journals are written for professionals working in certain fields. Often they are published by professional societies, associations, and organizations. 

Mechanical Engineering

This magazine can be found:

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Check Out Books

BuffonecardTake your BuffOne Card or photo ID to the circulation desk or a self-check out station. 

Undergraduates: 28 day loan period; up to 300 items

Graduates/ Faculty/ Staff: 180 day loan period; up to 300 items

Working Off-Campus

Access licensed resources  with your

identikeyusername and password.

Click on a library database or resource, follow the log-in screen instructions.

authentication screen

Or for those databases requiring VPN, follow instructions to download.