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A Delta 144 launch vehicle carrying the NASA/European Space Agency International Sun-Earth Explorer (ISEE) 3 satellite lifts off from the launch pad


From exploring outer space, to developing the technology that would become the World Wide Web, to upholding and maintaining standards for the fuel we put into our cars and our bodies, and to helping creators protect their creations, science and technology have long been part of the government's purview. This guide is intended to help researchers uncover data, statistics, congressional hearings, reports, conference proceedings, and many sources besides to bring government information into their scholarship, and provide citizens with access to some of the many free science and technology resources the government makes available.

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Government Information Library

The Government Information Library is a regional library of the Federal Depository Library Program as well as a depository of Colorado state, United Nations, and European Union information. It consists of over five million items from the United States government, Colorado and other state governments, foreign governments, and international governmental organizations like the UN. As a federal depository, the Library also offers assistance and its collections to members of the public. This includes providing public computers for unrestricted access to government information on the Internet.

We offer a wide array of services to support students, staff, and faculty, including online guides for research, one-on-one consultations, class instruction, phone, email, and walk-in reference.


Ask Government Information

Finding Government Data & Statistics

  • Government agencies gather numbers. 
  • Numbers get turned into statistics.
  • Statistics answer the questions “how much” or “how many”. 
  • Find the agency and you find the statistics. 
  • When all else fails, ask for help!

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