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Government Information Basics: Demographics

Who has it?

Demographics are a subset of statistics that focus on people. In the United States the Census Bureau is mandated to keep track a lot of this information.

It is also important to consider how often data is collected. In the United States the Census is taken every ten years, with the next collection being in 2020. You may be able to find research with more recent demographic information, but it will not be on the scale of the Census.

This map is a visual representation of some of the data you can find through the Census Bureau


If you are look for International demographics the World Bank has a lot of information that can be helpful. Many other nations also have some sort of census collection and you can try navigating their governmental websites for this, but this can be much more difficult.

Where to look

While yoy can search the Census Bureau's website for data, it can be difficult to find more complex data sets. The resources listed below may yield more specific results.