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Langue Française, Littérature et Culture: Trouver une Information

Using this page

Tips and guidance on how to search is available on the main tab, "Comment Chercher."

This page points you to both primary sources (original documents) and secondary sources (analysis, criticism, interpretation, and general context). Check out the information (information icon) about each resource before deciding which ones to search. Additionally, many of the resources on this page include their own Help Menus or Search Tips within the resource, so look for that once you select a resource to search.

If you are not finding what you need, please contact your Subject Librarian.


Primary Sources
Secondary Sources


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La Philosophie

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La Politique

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La Cinéma et La Musique

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Bases de Données des Journaux

Find news articles about French and European topics (In French and English) through our subscription databases

Finding the Full Text of an Article in a Database

This graphic explains the process for using "Find it at CU," available in most databases and Google Scholar, to locate the full text of an article.

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Finding the full-text of an article

Research Process: Choosing a Search Tool

Where you search for books is not always the same as where you search for articles. Information can be found in many places using many different search tools like online search engines, library subscription databases, or library catalogs. How do you choose which search tool to use? 

Use the link below to find suggestions based on your major or area of interest, or by type of information:

Searching University Libraries Collections

OneSearch is the main search box you'll find on the library home page. It searches our library catalog, Chinook, plus a whole bunch of other great resources including article databases. If you know you need a book or journal, or to find out if we have a subscription, you can just use Chinook Classic.

Chinook has its own tips and search techniques. Check out the link below to learn how to use it like a pro!

Prospector vs. InterLibrary Loan (ILLiad)

Prospector and Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) login buttons.

Use Prospector to request physical materials from other Colorado libraries at no cost to you! Prospector is generally the quickest way (3-5 business days) to get materials not available at CU-Boulder. 

Use Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) to request electronic materials from other libraries. You can also request physical materials like books that are not available at CU or in Colorado through Prospector.


Open Access Sources and Online Indexes for French

Open Access (OA) Open access open lock icon resources are free to access and free of most copyright restrictions. Please note that some online databases are indexes that contain citations and abstracts only. Check OneSearch to see if we have the content in one of our subscription databases, if not, use Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) to request the full text of articles that are behind a paywall.

Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad)

Log into this service to request articles from other libraries at no cost to you.

CU Digital Library

CU Digital Library - Digital Resources for Educational Use

The University of Colorado Digital Library, a collaborative project between the University of Colorado System and institutions of the Auraria Higher Education Campus, provides centralized access to locally created digital collections as well as additional resources for teaching, learning and research. Collections include images, audio and video files. Many of these resources are available to the general public.