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FREN 4110 French Special Topics: Tourists, Exiles and Other Outsiders (Kilbane): FREN 4110

Course Description

What is “home” and why do we leave it? What motivates encounters with the unknown? Who are we when we travel, and what happens when we return home? In addition to the tourists and adventurers in constant circulation of the globe, an estimated 65 million people are currently displaced as refugees. Mobility and the navigation of foreign peoples and terrains are permanent conditions of our world. This class will consider fiction, memoirs, poetry, film, and criticism that examine the perceptions and experiences afforded by travel. In our readings we will meet a variety of travelers—real, fictional, reluctant, adventurous, misfits, royalty, refugees, artists and intellectuals—and visit places both exotic and familiar through their eyes. 

Refugies by OliveTruxi via Flickr, All Rights Reserved

Refugies by OliveTruxi. 22 June 2015. All Rights Reserved. Used for Educational Purposes Only.

Course Resources


Stack of books black and white graphic artYour textbooks include the following:

  • Diderot, Denis. Supplément au voyage de Bougainville (écrit en 1772, publié en 1796)

  • Djavann, Chahdortt. Comment peut-on être français ? (2007)

  • Eberhardt, Isabelle. Amours nomades (ca. 1900-1904)

  • Gide, André. L’Immoraliste (1902)

  • Graffigny, Françoise de. Lettres d’une péruvienne (1747) 





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