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FREN 1900 Paris, Real and Imagined (Kilbane): Find

Searching using Library of Congress Subject Headings

Library of Congress Subject Headings are like tags on books and other items that tell you what these items are about. When you use Chinook, you may see strings of terms like these:


You can use these Subject Terms to search. Simply click on one of them to generate a new search. Or combine them using Chinook's advanced search screen to find other works that are tagged as being about the same subjects.

Subject search in Chinook for Parish and Fashion

Multidisciplinary Databases

Use these databases as a starting place for any topic:


Architecture Encyclopedias:

Architecture Databases:

Food & Gastronomy


Music Encyclopedias:

Music Databases:

Finding the Full Text of an Article in a Database

This graphic explains the process for using "Find it at CU," available in most databases and Google Scholar, to locate the full text of an article.

Text alternative for web accessibility - infographic

Finding the full-text of an article

Working Off-Campus

Access licensed resources  with your

identikeyusername and password.

Click on a library database or resource, follow the log-in screen instructions.

authentication screen

Or for those databases requiring VPN, follow instructions to download.

Using Library of Congress Call Numbers

Photograph of Spine Labels with Library of Congress Call Numbers

Photo by Bronwen K. Maxson. No rights reserrved.

Most academic university libraries us the Library of Congress Classification System to organize their materials. When you walk into the book shelves (for example, the Norlin Stacks), you will not see our books organized by Genre (Fiction, Romance, Mystery). Instead, our system allows us to locate books on similar topics near each other. A Call Number is like a book's address and will get you to a shelf of books on related topics. 

To use a Call Number, check out the link below from the University of Georgia.

If your book is not on the shelf, check the Sorting Shelves to see if we are in the process of returning the the book to it's shelf or ask for help at the Research Desk (level 2) or Bookfinders (level 3). Additionally, if you locate a resource in Chinook, the catalog, with a Dewey Decimal Number, you will have to request it from our off-site facility, PASCAL.

Borrowing items from the library

To check out materials from University Libraries, you can take them to the Circulation Desk with your Buff OneCard. We also have self-check-out stations. To find out more, click on the link below: