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EDUC 2125 History of Education (Donato): Family History Paper

Research guide for Ruben Donato's History of Education course.

Starting Your Research

Decide what you need to learn:

  • Name of elementary school, place, years or date-range
  • Name of secondary school, place, years or date-range
  • Class size
  • Grade completed
  • Rural or urban setting
  • Language spoken at home/school
  • Marriage details
  • Religious influence

Oral History Tips

Freely Available

What are Primary Sources?


Primary sources are original artifacts or documents. They are usually defined as first hand information that are communicated by witnesses or participants in past events. Primary sources are characterized not by their format but rather by the information they convey and their relationship to your research question.

From CU Libraries

Power Searching Google

Use Google to search state, town, or local history websites.

Example: pioneer

Example: site: "John Smith"

The site: command tells Google to search a particular website then add search terms.

Special Library Departments