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COMM 3410 Intercultural Communication: Home

Intercultural Communication

Hello, this research guide is designed to help you with find and think about research for your Intercultural Communication Class. It is divided into four parts. 

  1. Home: General information and a quick start
  2. Research Strategies: General type on how to think about research
  3. Find: Specific research tools you can use for this class
  4. Cite: A quick reference for citation

Tip! This guide is not comprehensive, if you are stuck or need help please contact us and we will be happy to help you. or

Quick Start

When you first go to the library homepage to will see a search we call Onesearch. This is a good place to begin yor research. 

Tip! Onesearch searches almost everything we have in the library, so make sure to use the options on the side of the screen to refine your search. Clicking peer-reviewed will narrow to only peer-reviewed items.

Tip! Because it searches so much content, Onesearch is a good place to refine your key words. Use one search to narrow your key words before going into a a specific database.


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